Pin It Weekly #336

I’m just going to pretend that there was never a break from Fleur de Lis Quilts’ Pin It Weekly. Though I honestly haven’t been able to jump onto Pinterest as I normally would, I must admit to stealing a bit of time in the parent pick-up line and occasionally when I can’t sleep. Most recently I’ve been pinning to a new section in my “mixed media” board. I’ve had a little fun drawing and coloring using pages from old books. So the drawings in “flower sketches” are mostly to help me remember what flowers look like. Yes, I know. I like faster inspiration than my brain can provide.

Can you see how just looking at these sketches and drawings could inspire a person? Sometimes, while Richard is watching a movie I’m not particularly interested in, I pick up my color pencils and just have fun. Most I’ve made into cards for my sisters, but a few I’ve glued onto cardstock to make bookmarks for the kids. If you have ideas of how I might use a few more, I’d appreciate your input. They tend to pile up if all I do is draw and color.

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