Citrus Sherbert ~~ a finish!

My latest finish is titled “Citrus Sherbert.” I wrote about my process of creating the quilt here. I did not, however, write about or show the finished quilt, so it’s time. Ready for photos?

It’s a relatively small quilt at 50″ X 50″, but I don’t make many queen-size quilts. Rich and I gave each of the family households a queen quilt on Sunday. Almost all of the kids and grandkids came for lunch, so we played a game and doled out quilts. Hmm, maybe at Christmas we’ll give them each a lap quilt for movie nights and hanging out.

So back to Citrus Sherbert. I easily get bored while quilting on the longarm. To avoid that, I take lots of liberties…going from motif to motif based on what I feel like drawing. Quilting is basically drawing: circles, lines, swirls, scrolls. Whatever. Really, whatever.

For the small block here, I created a circle that circles back on itself. Then added simple square lines around it. The two pieces on the sides have more squared shapes.

Stipples are too easy and too basic, but this block sported several issues, all of which I needed to quilt out. Nothing does a better job than small stippling to make waffled fabric behave.

I wanted to use as many circles as I could without just repeating the same exact motif, so here’s another that’s a little different. The idea was to echo and show off the small lines and half-circles that are throughout the quilt.

Here you are: the final version. Everything is complete, even the label, which I decided to create on the Silhouette machine using permanent, iron-on vinyl like I’ve used for tee shirts. Doesn’t that work well? Why haven’t I thought of this sooner?

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