More of South Louisiana

Since I took quite a few pictures from the passenger seat on our trip to Lake Fausse Point State Park, I’m sharing a few more pictures. I’ve been remiss in keeping up my blog since my visit to the hospital and through the Christmas season. So, Let me make it up to you, sort of.

Wild snow geese in a crawfish pond/rice field.
A close-up to give you an idea of how many there are in one field. Astounding!
Crossing over the levee, we found several swamp tour places. You get an up-close look at the Atchalafya Basin.

Most of the houses are old, run-down, fishing camps, but occasionally you’ll run across a “real” house built on piers. From a distance, they look like there two floors. However, the bottom level is used as a garage. Plus, there’s some protection from flooding and hurricanes. It’s interesting that very old homes in this region were build high off the ground. Then came subdivisions which built up the ground to avoid flooding. Now those subdivisions are the cause of flooding in more remote areas, because the water that runs out of the subdivisions has to go somewhere.

Most of the problems could have been avoided if people had simply continued the tradition of building off the ground. Of course few people want to live in a swamp. I have suggestions, but having a swamp very close to my house, my suggestions are perhaps not what people want to hear.

Do you get the sense that I love Louisiana? I am quite disappointed that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to considering how our actions will affect future generations.

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