How Do Scissors Disappear? Discovery Edition

I’ve been working on memory quilts for a former student who now has two sweet little boys who outgrew their baby-t0-4T tees. When she asked me to make the quilts, I almost said no. But, well, you can read that article HERE if you need to catch up. After Jude’s quilt fiasco, I wrapped it up and began work on Jett’s quilt. It’s not quite the same size but there were several small onesies, and not as many regular tees as Jude’s.

I fudged it a little and added more blue fabric, but it was beginning to feel like the shirts were swimming in the ocean. (Note to self: don’t watch Adrift if using lots of blue background.)

Anyway, the second quilt came along smoothly, and I finished the top in record time. Again, however, I spent extra time on the quilting. It’s just too tempting to add those little touches, a spiderweb for the Spiderman shirt, Christmas trees, pumpkins, valentines, etc. It’s my way of making the quilt extra-special and also keeps me from mindless stipples.

Don’t get me wrong, I love stippling. It’s the fastest, easiest, cheapest of all the ways one can quilt. However, it’s this mindless: I stippled my scissors into the quilt! Yes, you read right! It was all quite innocent and really could happen to anyone. But if you know me, you expect something like this. Anyway, I needed to adjust the batting as I was getting to the end of the quilting process. Scissors are like pens: I always have one in my hand. And I put them down anywhere, so I lose them often. This, of course, means that I was not at all concerned when I couldn’t find my little scissors that velcro to the machine. (Who knows where I put them down, right?)

Left, digging my scissors from under the batting. Right, the escapee is recovered.

I was zipping along and discovered a bulge in the batting, which I thought was really the batting. That is, until nothing would budge or give way to the quilting. As soon as I began an investigation, I discovered that missing pair of scissors. Luckily, I also have a seam ripper velcroed to the machine. I’m still laughing at myself.

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