Sunday Quilt Inspiration: All Kinds of Colors

While playing on Pinterest a while ago, I discovered this little line. Ahh, it describes me so well. Not that I’ve written so very much, but that my brain can’t seem to NOT write. All the time. Even when I don’t have pen and paper. I’m still writing and stories (silly little daydreams, I suppose) just come into my head. Maybe that’s better than it being empty!

These quilts sort of don’t fit into a category. They are just fun, colorful and ready for whomever or whatever you need to brighten. Look for these and another 13,000 in my “heart, quilts” board.

Before I close, I’ll ask for your thoughts and prayers for the people who were affected by the tornadoes that touched down in our area during the week. The worst we’ve dealt with were downed lines and no internet service. Others lost their homes and one person her life. We were especially lucky as the tornadoes (there were several in a 48 hour period) were all around us and within 40 miles.

Also, a big thanks to Kaja of Sew Slowly for her comment that really got me thinking about “the seasons of quilts” on this blog post.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Quilt Inspiration: All Kinds of Colors”

  1. I always enjoy your Pinterest posts. You have a knack for finding the prettiest quilts. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank you, Anne! I think I could look at quilts all day. This way I also get to excuse my Pinterest obsession. 🙂

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