Catching up for Christmas Eve

Back in August a former student contacted me and asked that I make quilts for her two boys. She had been saving their matching tees for a couple of years and had enough to make each boy his own small quilt. They are meant to be quilts to cuddle under while watching TV or playing games. Read the post about the trials and tribulations of these quilts here.
Although she posted a picture of the two boys on Facebook, I decided to block out their faces for my own social media.
Today, I rummaged around in some scrap fabric that a friend gave me. Pamela owns a drapery shop called Window Accents, LLC, so everything she gives me is heavy. There’s the occasional embroidered silk, as well. Though most of the pieces are small, many of the pieces are large enough to make big bags and other projects. Today I found a long sheer gold piece and made a scarf for Christmas. I bought a red knit dress but it’s rather plain, so this should dress it up a little. We’ll see.
Then I decided to make the Christmas stockings that have been on my mind since I made these above for another client.
The only real difference is the fabric. Isn’t it amazing? I used the same pattern for both sets.
The one on the left is Richard’s, and the right is for me. If you pan in on the individual stockings, you can see that the fabrics coordinate, and I used the same fabric for the cuff. This is meant to make them dressy but not overly matchy. What do you think? Isn’t it a great idea for scraps?
Here’s wishing you and yours a beautiful, merry Christmas with family and friends.
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