Day Star Quilt Flimsy Complete (part 2)

In this post I told you about my most recent improv finish. It’s a scrap top in neutrals with a twist. That twist came about because while I like the calm of neutrals, this quilt wanted more. It wanted a wow! and didn’t have any of that. So I got to mulling and thinking and brainstorming. None of that worked very well until I remembered that at the Leesville class I had a couple of students working in greens and purples. One student in particular had these beautiful, jewel-tone fabrics in royal purple and deep green that I just fell for.

It turns out that I don’t have many of either. I had to dig deep, in the far-back spaces of that horde I call “my stash.” (Really, it’s insane.) Nevertheless, I managed to find one or two suitable fabrics. What brought on the star idea, I cannot say. But I spent most of one day just working out the stars. They needed to be wonky. Not too big (it turns out). In fact, the skinnier they got, the more I liked them. Maybe I was doing that positive transference thing in which a person directs what she wants onto herself. Or something. I digress. The skinny stars are the ones I like. I wish I were skinny. There.

Anyway, it took a while to figure out where the stars go, and how many to put in and how to fit them in with the neutral stuff. Then I spent most of a day ripping and moving things around. Eventually I just told myself to get over it and move on. It’s not quilted yet, so maybe…

Day Star Quilt

It’s likely, this is what will be. But I’m not sure I have enough stars. Maybe one or two more small ones? What do you think?

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