Five Ways with Tiered Trays

Have you been considering using tiered trays in your decor? If so, I have ideas to help you get started.

  1. Start easy — use what you already have!
Do you have decorative balls, pinecones, or ornaments? Those will definitely work. Do you see that green gingham tree? It could not be more ugly! But it blends beautifully.
Get a little creative and wrap one of the deco balls with yarn or string. Drop your pinecone into a candle wreath. Voila!

2. Use color or not.

I used a light green and natural neutrals, including the burlap bow. Notice the touches of red that add depth without overpowering?

3. Make your own. Everyone loves handmade these days!

I made the tree, the beaded string, and the birdnest.

4. Include signs and phrases that you want to share with family and friends.

Hand-written “Do not open till Christmas” made of poster board and pretty paper.

5. Toss in some tiny little objects that you can pick up at the dollar stores.

Bells, a stack of tiny gifts, natural items, cute bows. Any items that you probably won’t put on your tree.

And here’s a freebie: things don’t have to match in size or scale, though it helps if you chose one or two colors and stick to them. Share pictures of your tiered tray with me at I’ll include them in another post.

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