Riverside Retreat House — All the Makes!

Earlier in the week I told you about my retreat with the Baton Rouge Modern Quilt Guild. Today let me tell you about all the playing we accomplished. Click here for info on last year’s retreat.

Aren’t these blocks stunning? Joyce made several. Imagine a full quilt of any one of these! There are three different quilts happening here, but though the design walls are huge, and there are three, we often share the smaller one to hang completed blocks on.

This way everyone can see the progress happening (talk about motivation!) but it frees up the space on the other walls. Regardless, it works for us.

Mona’s two day visit provided time to put together this gorgeous Christmas top. An adorable Nancy Halvorsen pattern. You know the kind of adorable pattern: one in which you are tempted but know you’ll have to give something else to fit it into your life kind of adorable.

Love this one? That glow from the center? This is Stephanie’s ombre’ challenge quilt. There’s a whole event going on with this ombre’ challenge.

Yvonne’s ombre’ challenge quilt. She started quite some time ago and has almost all of the pieces ready to put together, quilt as you go style.

Tracy is getting closer to completing this fabulous piece. The image on the left is from the July 2020 retreat and the one on the right is July 2021. Intriguing!

She worked on it at the December retreat, but I can’t find a photo anywhere. Frustrating, too, because I saw her in other pictures, so I know for certain she was there. Anyway, look at the detail she’s added! Imagine once it quilted!

Oh, the lines and graphics of this yummy quilt! Sorry, I don’t even remember whose quilt it is, but wow! It seems that I took photos of quilts and work stations. Well, messy workstations, because what’s the interest in a clean one?

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