MQG’s Annual July 4th Retreat to the River

Every year, or almost anyway, the Baton Rouge Modern Quilt Guilt (BRMQG) plans our River House Quilt Retreat. Not that I walk down to the river, except once on my first retreat. Poison ivy and heat are a horribly itchy mix. Neither are for me. No, I do not handle either, at all.

Livingston Parish Library Quilt Exhibit – Glen Parks

It’s always a fun, productive weekend that begins on Thursday and lasts through Monday. Except, not for me, the homebody who gets too lonesome. I have yet to make it through all the days. This year, I bailed on Sunday evening. Sure, there was good reason but, if I face all the truth, I was terribly lonesome for Richard.

Livingston Parish Library Quilt Exhibit – Yvonne Bayham

So what did I accomplish? Not as much as I had hoped, but more than I expected. Let me explain. I brought along a main project and an iffy project. I completed that quilt top. Easy peasy, but I was well into the project and had lots of components already built. So that was Thursday and part of Friday. The iffy project was meant to fill the time left after the I finished the first one. My hope was that something would come together. No go, the iffy one just didn’t work and fell apart on Friday afternoon. Sorry, no pictures of me sitting around piddling.

Round Robin center blocks ready to exchange at the retreat meeting

However, I did finish two items. One I needed for the exchange at the Saturday evening meeting. It’s the green map block for our Round Robin exchange. Yes, very last minute. But on time, nevertheless.

Blocks for the MQG Community Outreach Challenge

The second item was my block for the MQG Community Outreach Quilt Challenge that we will send to QuiltCon. Since I wasn’t really DOING anything, I made a few extras.

Livingston Parish Library Quilt Exhibit – Belinda Mcneely

On Saturday, several of us took a field trip to see the BRMQG quilt exhibit at the Livingston Parish Library. That evening, we had our monthly meeting at the River House with dinner and desserts. Finally, on Sunday I attended mass at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church on Marquette Street, but that’s another post. Here are more photos from the quilt exhibit. Thanks for visiting!

Livingston Parish Library Quilt Exhibit – Marquita Mauck
Livingston Parish Library Quilt Exhibit – Janice Williams
Livingston Parish Library Quilt Exhibit – Mary Marcotte
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