Back to the Land of the Living

I have been battling the flu. Well, perhaps it’s Covid, but that’s not what I was exposed to. At the beginning I had no idea that I’d been exposed to anything, except the beautiful Louisiana days that I raved about. Of course, those are also allergy days, so I assumed the congestion and other unpleasantness all stemmed from walking in the sunshine.

Around day three, or four, one of the kids told me that the flu is going around. Worse, it was going around schools. Our schools. I had only picked up two grandies. They attend different schools. Both schools are infected. One of the grandies was sick. She tested positive for the flu. By this time, I’d had the flu too long to bother with the anti-flu. (What are those names?)

There’s been enough ick for the last few years that we all know how germs, bacteria, viruses and a host of other miseries are spread. It’s a simple choice: live like a hermit or see your family. I chose family–cooties and all. Despite the flu, I have been moving around. I walk a little. Rest. Sew a little. Rest. Eat. Rest. Sleep. Pinterest. Rest.

You get the idea. But in the sewing parts, I actually started, and finished, a small project! But more on that later. I need to rest for a minute.

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