New and Improved … check it out!

I have been busy.

Very. Busy. Not that I’ve been posting much, but I’ve been working at the computer, nonetheless. I’ve updated my Teaching Schedule. That’s so easy, I probably shouldn’t mention it. But hey, work is work, right? You can find it by clicking on the Home tab at the top of the page then on Teaching Schedule. That’s how busy I will be. Fun. No?

More updating

The other work I’ve done is to update my teaching contract. It’s also under the Home tab, just one click down. When you open the page, you’ll get this block that scrolls down so you can see the whole contract right away. If you want to print a copy, click on the pdf file and print from there. The file is right below the block. See it circled in red in the screenshot above?

The contract really needed work! So that’s up-to-date until, I’m sure, the moment I look at it again. I’ll find something and insist on fixing or improving or changing or adding. Being a writer is great, but my perfectionism can be a bit of an issue sometimes. Okay, it can make me crazy. I have to NOT look at my writing if I want to call it done. So, I’m calling the contract done. (Until someone has a question.)

And more work.

Something I did a while back but didn’t mention is that I added a list of discussion questions for my novel, This World So Fierce. I’m hoping that readers will find my website and the questions, which are free. So if you’ve read the book, or are reading it with friends or a reader’s group, help yourself to the questions. Print it, make copies, share it. Whatever. If you haven’t gotten the novel, I have an excerpt from the book here. It’s under the same tab. Go by and read the short excerpt. You’ll want the book, which is available right here! I’ll sign it and ship it out to you, usually the next day.

And some spiritual work.

The last thing that’s kept me on the computer is working on a book. Not my book. A book.. Father Shoury, our Catholic priest, is writing a self-help sort of book about growing closer to God. The title is Searching for God: Guidelines to Grow in a Spiritual Life. It’s been an interesting journey for me. I hoped to learn from reading and editing the booklet. But, it turns out, I’m doing more than that. Nevertheless, I am growing both in writing and in spirituality. Plus, I’m getting to know Father, who is from India. I’ve been telling everyone that he is a brilliant spiritual teacher. I’ll be excited to see how his book is received.

And family work.

That has been my last few weeks. All this between babysitting and a little sewing and a lot of feeling horrible. I have Lingering Covid Syndrome. I’ll see a doctor in the hopes that we can treat some of the symptoms, which are basically the same as when I had the virus, just not as awful. At least it isn’t constant. Two weeks ago I was gratefully saying I thought it was done. Nope. This week proved that theory wrong. But it’s not actually the virus and it will just go away at some point. In the meantime, I sit in my chair and try to make myself accomplish something. And not whine. I try really hard to not whine. I’m not sure how well I’ve accomplished that!

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