Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Double Wedding Ring

Take a look at these pins. It’s not a difficult jump from these beautiful gold wedding bands to this double wedding ring block.

Who doesn’t have a fascination with double wedding ring quilts? Any quilter worth her salt (as the cliche‘ goes) has at least considered a double wedding ring. I’m included in that realm. Read on to find out what happened with my DWR desires.

But first, a few stunning quilts…

I love this block because a.) it’s such a versatile block–just look at all the possibilities in these few pictures; b.) it’s a difficult one–don’t we all love challenges; and c.) I can’t seem to pull it off–sure, I’ve tried. But on both occasions I was beaten by the drudgery of sewing the small pieces together.

Really, it didn’t take long. I managed two sets of blocks, which became a round pillow. That pillow sold in my Griffin’s booth a few weeks ago. And reminded me that I have yet to make a quilt. Note in the pictures above that I even cheated by using two long strips in place of all the little pieces. I don’t think I’m ready to tackle an entire quilt. No, not even a small one. Have you made a DWR quilt? Link to pictures or a blog post so we can see it.

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