You’ll Never Guess Where I’m Teaching

I mean, I’m not expecting that you actually will guess, but I’m hoping you’re intrigued. I’m in Baton Rouge for the GSQA Biennial Seminar. The Gulf States Quilting Association covers Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We have somewhere around 700 members, and a busy board of officers who somehow keep this thing going. This week is our seminar and I’m teaching one full-day class and (I hope) selling a few copies of This World So Fierce.

The seminar is an educational event to which we bring teachers from all over the country. I was the teacher committee chairperson and have had the pleasant honor of spending a good bit of time with our faculty. So I thought I’d introduce you to the full-time teachers. The list follows the order of the photos so you can match everyone up.

Sue Heinz hales from Minnesota and is the owner of Kismet Quilting. She has authored five books, each brimming with fresh design ideas for free-motion quilting and has also invented several innovative marking tools and rulers. She has a fun sense of humor.

Nina Clotfelter lives in Mobile, Alabama, so not so very far away. She’s teaching free-motion quilting and a ruler work class. She had a sewing school in her home and (must) “LOVE!!! LOVE!!! Teaching Quilting!!!” She adds, “I’m a little quirky? But FUN quirky…right?” Yes, absolutely, right.

Quiltmavendave is David Sirota from New Hampshire. He is the designer behind “No More Tears” paper piecing. You will not find a funnier guy. He is full of quips that seem to fire off rather quickly. He also apologies too often–as though I could be insulted. Please, Dave, they roll off of me as quickly as you can spit them out!

Lisa Thorpe comes to us from Little Rock, Arkansas. She is just as sweet as her quilts! She is teaching surface design and birds. Seriously, her students will walk away with at least one bird quilt before it’s over. She says, “I love exploring and experimenting with new mediums and techniques and I relish the opportunity to share what I have discovered.”

Say hi to Lori Dickman, who is from Rockford, Illinois, brings her 45 years of quilting “and teaching others to join in on this sewer’s/quilter’s love affair.” She is teaching some of her patterns classes, all of which are colorful and playful.

So if you haven’t figured it out, I’m having a great deal of fun and making new friends. Tomorrow is my improv class, so wish me luck!

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