Quilts, Cleaning, and Sunshine — a Good Combination

When you have awfully hot, sunny, dry weather there’s not much a person can do. Temperatures of 90+ that feels like 110 are not a playground for the faint of heart. While everyone around us got 2-6 inches of rain last week, we joke that we can count the raindrops. Well, I took advantage of this miserable Louisiana heat: I cleaned quilts. The smaller ones can go in the machine then hang on the clothesline to dry. Don’t you love the clean smell and the fresh feel? I do!
The big ones, which are way too heavy for my old washing machine, I just threw over the wooden fence and let them air out for an hour. They smelled a little musty, but now they smell as fresh as the ones I washed.
All of that quilt cleaning meant a mini quilt show! However, I didn’t think this operation through at all. The quilts are clean, or at least aired out, and I’ve hauled them in and folded them. But, and here’s the caveat, I don’t really have a place to put them. I still have my dad’s old Navy trunk, but it needs it’s own cleaning and airing out. Plus, it needs more time to really air out and there are still quilts waiting. In the trunk! Meanwhile, everything is piled up on the sofa. The children are coming for Father’s Day on Sunday, so I’m thinking it’s time to let them take a few home.
Will and Adam’s families lost their quilts when they lost their respective homes five years ago. I wanted to have a stockpile of quilts for them to choose. Some of these quilts are the first ones I made but were never used. Others I made quite recently. This means there should be something for everyone’s taste, though I’m not sure how to go about this process, I think we’ll pull names or play a game or something of that nature. Fairness is important among siblings, even when they are in their forties!
How do you dole out your quilts? I’ve given, sold, and donated more than I can remember, but it’s time to share again.
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