Cotton Quilters’ Guild May Meeting + Sew Day

For some reason it seems to take me weeks to post anything about my guild meetings. CQG meets on the first Monday of the month, which really was two weeks ago. Don’t ask me why.

The guild meeting gets underway after sewing, food, and visiting.
Smittie has been working on this red, white and blue, for Quilts of Valor (I think).

Every month I intend to post in a timely manner. I haven’t the slightest idea where the first two weeks of the month go. Poof! Just gone.

Maggie showing us the new block for the BOM. This is easy enough. Right?
Maggie’s completed quilt

So anyway, we did something different this month and it was a wonderful success. We met early–about 9am or whenever you could get there–had a sew morning, ate lunch, then held our meeting at the usual time of 1pm. When the meeting was over, everyone who hadn’t done so, quickly packed up and headed home.

The bottom section of Sheila’s Lori Holt pattern

I was happy to sew with friends, even though it meant having to lug the sewing machine, projects and other paraphernalia to Cottontport for only three or so hours. I did get some things done, but nothing accomplished. Seriously.

Two more from Sheila

My plan was to work on and complete a couple of blocks for the monthly block of the month. I completed one but it’s the ugliest thing. I refuse to take a photo of it in the fear that it will automatically upload to Google pictures and someone will snag it as a joke. Yes, it’s that ugly. I suppose I’ll be ripping it apart. Eventually.

This one’s from Irma, but she may have had more and I didn’t get photos. There’s always the possibility that I was talking.

Everyone else seemed to get all manner of sewing done. Then they piled around my machine, and I showed (again) how I make fabric from scraps. While I was doing so, I had a little aha! moment and came up with something I have yet to test. But I think it will work. Or maybe I just hope so. Either way, there’s something in there.

Sandra made and donated a few pillowcases to CASA. I demonstrated how to make them at our April meeting. It’s wonderful to see that she decided to run with it.

And that, bloggy friends, is my report on our meeting. We enjoyed the sewing time, talked, visited and generally were what my daddy used to call, “the hens in the henhouse.” I think he was implying that we cackled. He raised eight daughters: he’s allowed a bit of leeway.

Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Cotton Quilters’ Guild May Meeting + Sew Day”

  1. Your meetings always sound like fun. I would happily load my stuff into the car for three hours of sewing with like-minded souls.

    1. They are a fun bunch. The other women are so very talented and encouraging. I am such a different kind of quilter, yet they love my work and ask again and again how I create improvisationally. As for loading my stuff for three hours of sewing, I guess I wasn’t thinking so positively while unloading everything back home. I do appreciate having friends to sew with. I remember only too well the years of going it alone. That was before a guild, computers and MQG. Now there are many options, like AHIQ, that I have to exercise self-control! How wonderful to have so many ways to meet like-minded friends from around the world and right here at home.

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