Ten Early Bloomers for a Spectacular Show

Two varieties of flowering quince that are in full bloom. They need to be trimmed but not until these beauties are done showing off!

I have about doubled my daily steps. Not long ago I was making a round or two in an effort to get 4,000 steps in. Each round gives me about 1,000 steps. To entertain myself, I enjoy the early bloomers that are in their full glory. It’s been a while since I invited you on my walks, so I thought you might want to see the variety of early flowers that spring brings.

My favorite peach tree in full bloom! It’s a very early bloomer, so I’m thrilled the last cold front didn’t affect it.
I have a crazy fascination with moss and lichen. And old branches that have been collecting both. The mosses are greening up, but before they do, they can be a variety of colors from reddish brown to almost black. The two bottom pictures are from the side of different ditches.
Trees are greening up also. Are they beauiful against that blue sky?

I am not a person to exercise and have no reason for that, except I hate sweating. Life in Louisiana is warm enough already. Nevertheless, I am making an effort in the interest of health. Heart pain can do that to a person, even when there’s nothing wrong. And while there may not be an issue, the awful pain makes me want to never have a real heart attack. Imagine that! If having a “nonevent” is so painful, what’s a real event like? I seriously never want to know.

Last year’s succulent garden (and a few weeds) looking beautiful in the greenhouse. Check out my Pinterest board of succulents.
These salvia are coming up from seed and having a field day in the greenhouse. I need to find some transplants to move to a flowerbed.

To that end of never meeting the real thing, I’m strengthing my body. Heart muscle included. Hopefully I’ll lose some weight and gain some stamina.

Rich planted these shrubs last year. They smell wonderful.
You have to look carefully, but even the wildflowers are peaking through the underbrush.

Actually I have already gained stamina. Not a lot, but it’s a start. I can now get to 10,000 steps on a good day. A slow day racks up a mere 6,000, but a normal day jumps into the 8,000 range. That’s a healthy number of steps!

The bleeding heart vine has NEVER looked more beautiful. To the patio it goes today!

I often take pictures on my little walks. The flying flowers are appearing every day. I saw three butterflies in one walk. Of course, no phone!

This wild spirea came from my mom’s yard when we first moved to this house. That means it is about 25 years old. And still happy! The birds love it.

These pictures are all from around my house, but I’m hoping to get to other “tracks” just to change things up a notch. I hope you enjoyed our visit.

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  1. I love those flowering quince. We are still under snow, so it may be a few weeks before anything considers waking up.

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