All New Toys, Just Come By

I have been building inventory in my Griffin’s booth. First, I decided to use up some canvas scraps. Then suddenly, I was on Amazon! Sure, that’s cheating. We’ll see how these work out then consider going back to the original idea.

They are blanks that I added a few cute, summer designs to using a few scraps of heat press vinyl from shirts. There were, at least, some scraps. Besides, these bags are lightweight and dry quickly, which makes them perfect for the water. Toss in a towel and sunscreen and wade in!

small cups at great prices

Besides, I was making an order for jax and marbles. Remember those? I’m hoping that parents and grandparents will get a little nostalgic when they see them. I can hope, right?

cups that change color based on the temperature of the liquid

Before I pressed purchase, Dusti texted me a picture of Ryder shopping in my booth. He thought he found a sippy cup. (She is the one who got me started on this whole kids play theme.)

Next, check out these two cute tooth fairy pillows. I’ve been making them for a little while and they are pretty popular, so now there are a few more with different motifs. But this go round, I tried to fussy cut a little better. That green monster is my favorite hands-down!

butterfly nets!
water squirters

Later, I drove my mother-in-law to Marksville and convinced her to take a little side excursion to Dollar Tree, where I picked up a few little cheapy toys. All the same, moms won’t mind spending a couple of dollars on these. On the other hand, kids get their instant gratification.

Lastly, these bubble tubes (Meme loves bubbles) and some card games: Go Fish, Old Maid, Crazy 8s… You get it: everything I added the last few days is something for a kid. Now, if you were a kid, wouldn’t you enjoy a little shopping spree?

And for those who aren’t kids: copies of my novel are always available! But you know where else you can get one…and shipping is included in the price??? Right here on this website!

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