Improv BoM – Understanding Mary’s Directions

I know that my directions can be…confusing to others. After teaching English for thirty years, I know I need a system. So, I created one. This one seems simple because I break everything down into single steps. Feel free to tell me if something is confusing. Always tell me that, and I’ll try to explain it differently. Plus, I’ll consider whether I need to make changes for everyone. I do know how to modify lesson plans!

I’ll always use the sequence below with the hope that we can all follow it. But, if you need help at any point, just let me know in the comments or email me at

  • Decisions to make: What are the decisions you’ll need to consider as you work on this month’s assignment?
  • Rotary cutting
    • Yardage/fat quarters: Most pieces can be rotary cut and/or subcut.
    • Cutting from pre-cuts: Some things come already cut. This will help you subcut.
  • Chain piecing: The fastest way to sew. *The January instructions have lots of info on strip piecing.
  • Pressing: Like everything else, you can follow pressing rules, but I might have some suggestions.
  • Recutting: Trimming or cleaning up your block. Improv requires it. You decide whether you will use your rotary cutter or scissors. (Purists use scissors!) I love my rotary cutter and rulers.
  • Finishing: All the little things that wrap up the month and prep for the upcoming month.

Here’s a summary of some of the terms we may use:

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