Easy Customer Quilts in Pink

It’s not often that I take in a customer quilt for quilting simply because I can’t promise a quick turnaround. I am a working woman again, and wow! does teaching middle school eat up some time. I could have gone the easy route: hand the kids some boring workbooks and let them go, but who wants that?!

Anyway, a quilty friend called and asked if I’d please, please, please quilt her grandchildren’s quilts. I’ve been doing that on and off for a year or so. We have a great working relationship and her quilts are quick, easy lap quilts. So I agreed. She wants a simple, large stippling on all of the quilts and definitely wants them to be soft. That I can do!

While quilting I take a few seconds and make sure I hit the corners where seams match up. This is so that the points with the most stress has a little extra hold. Those corner seams are the hardest to repair, so let’s avoid that scenerio if possible.

The only thing I do is quilt. She gets it back just like this, trims and adds the binding and whatever else she wants. With 14 granchildren, she probably doesn’t spend a great deal of time on each quilt. She missed her goal of getting half completed last year, so I suppose I’ll have customer quilts from her for at least another year. Unless the next generation begins!

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