Curves and Improv and a Recovery Quilt

While I was sick with the flu last week, I somehow managed to do a little sewing. I’m teaching a couple of curves classes in the coming months and decided to make a small quilt specifically for this class. Wanting to really show off the lines, I started out with red and white.

After sewing a few pieces, I decided to “do” something other than just sew pieces together. I had no idea what I’d “do.” But, the quilt and I had a little conversation, and in no time I saw some flowers developing. They were sideways on the design wall, so maybe I was flu-sick. Nevertheless, there were bright red poppies swaying in the breeze. Oh joy!

Of course, poppies need stems. So, green to the rescue. And if it’s a field of poppies maybe a few grasses, as well. That was a brilliant move, because in no time at all, I was creating some slender blades. And for some reason, it wanted this gold.

After the top of the piece was done, I started cleaning. There were little pieces of fabric everywhere. I tried trimming them down into the biggest squares I could. The pile grew. And grew. As I was sorting them by color, I had the idea to just sew them together for a future improv piece. An odd thing happened. I put the sewn pieces on the design wall next to the poppies. And voila! The quilt wanted all its pieces. I like to listen to my quilts. They tend to have great ideas.

And when the quilt gets all of its pieces, you end up with tiny slivers of almost dust for the trash. Quilting was fast and fun. All I did was to quilt in a few ghost poppies, a Mary stitch-in-the-ditch (which is not SITD really), and scrolls in the borders to create a frame. I finished it off with a black binding. And done.

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