Another New Hobby: to support the old one

Imagine a quiet hobby

I’ve found something new to do. It doesn’t require much in the way of hobbies. However, I’ve enjoyed the quietness and the chance to not think. Drawing. And I highly recommend it. A pencil. Some paper and voila!

I love that I can take it as far as I’m interested in the particuar drawing. I’ve colored a few using colored pencils. I’ve even handed a few to Richard for him to color. He colors better than I do, but I’m not always crazy about his color choices.

Back to the beginning

So this whole thing started out with my wanting to practice drawing as a way of improving my quilting skills. And like so many other things quilting, I just took the plan to extremes. I can’t seem to help myself in that regard.

It’s not a hobby that I’ll continue for long. At least I don’t think so. But for now I’m enjoying it a great deal and want to see where it takes me.

Inspiration, ideas, and impressions

For inspiration I’ve looked on Pinterest, of course. But now I’ve begun to build my own ideas into sketches that lean toward the fantastical, but almost familiar. The flowers are sometimes realistic-looking, but may be set in a strange, jungled grouping. I like filling the pages and trying new ideas and mixing up plants on the same stem. In that way, I get to be my own artist, which is really important to me. I see this taking me on to something else, but I’m being quite patient in letting it take its time. Here are a few more sketches from my “portfolio.”

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