Andy Warhol Under My Needle

My modern guild has issued a challenge: something Andy Warhol. I’ve had lots of time to research his life and his work. And I’m still at square 1.

Well, actually, square 2 or maybe 3. I’ve decided to use glasses like the ones he wore as my subject, and I built a pattern.

The challenge requires only four repeats and must be 18″ square or larger. So when I chose my fabric, I considered this. I also looked at lots of his work and apparently he used just about any color for some of the works. So that works in my favor. I just chose the colors I like and the glasses are black.

I seriously thought of doing something more, but I’m not into challenges like I used to be. Lately, I’ve just wanted to be finished with whatever it is. Plus, I skipped a few, so I’m not a very good participant. (I can hear Momma saying “For shame, Dee.” Sorry, mom.”

And so, four colors, black glasses, raw edge appliqued. Maybe like one of his soup can paintings. Can you imagine painting this over and over and over again? Not me! I barely want to do the glasses four times! I won’t win any awards but that’s okay. I’ll keep you posted.

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