Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Old Architecture

As readers of any amount of time, you know how much I love old buildings. Especially old barns, mills, gins, and sheds. I just can’t help myself. I see an old building and I feel something. I know there are stories there. Someone, at sometime, loved the place. Had a home or job or hope of some kind.

Grant it, I love old books and their stories. Yes, and old journals! Therein lie some stories! And dishes of comfort food. And I love old furniture with dings and scratches and tears. Old farm tools that worked the land. Oh, and what about old photographs and their black and white or sepia coloring?

So I suppose I’m a romantic at heart and everything old is really something new in its own way. It’s the reason we love old things. There’s a history in old things. Stories about people and time and place. I want to know those people and, if I can’t know their real stories, I want to make up stories for them.

But today we need to look at beautiful quilts, so I’ll stop rambling and romanticizing. The first quilts are architectural quilts, meaning they all deal with buildings in some manner.  

Although I wasn’t able to determine if my theory is correct, I think the next few pics go together in one quilt.  At least, I think they would make a stunning quilt!  

A few more architecture, quilts and we’ll move on.  I love these two art quilts.  The first photo was taken at the 2012 Road to California Show.  

Judith Reilly Fiber Artist

You can find the last SQI, about hot air balloons, here. And you can find my Pinterest board, “buildings, architecture, construction, edifice, structure” here. Have a great week everyone!

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