June Cotton Quilters Meeting

I completely missed posting about the June Cotton Quilters meeting. That means I also need to post the July meeting, which was very different and fun! But back to June and our show and share.

Two coordinating quilts for donation.
Sheila and Irma made themselves computer bags. The center picture shows how the inside is made with pockets.
How cute are these pincushions?
Pillows for a sewing room.
Examples of the Camden bag, which we will get together to make.
A bench pillow for the garden.
Sheila’s apron quilt made with a Lori Holt pattern.
I don’t remember how many pieces of fabric, but too many for me! How about you? Have you or do you want to make a postage stamp quilt? The pieces are one inch finished.
Using up scraps. “Thank you Mary Marcotte for showing us how to do it.” What a sweet surprise! You’re truly welcome.
A great way to use your jelly rolls!
They swear they were not working together on all the donation quilts. It’s just serendipity.

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