Goodbye February / Hello March

I’m not sure how everyone else feels about our second month, but it seems that it flew by. Quickly. I suppose it has something to do with the cold. Everyone stayed home as much as possible. Trust me, when it’s cold in Louisiana, it’s truly cold. Being in the South doesn’t help much when the humidity is especially high. Damp air is cold air.

The puppies curl up in their beds with a fleece blanket. Little heads are all we can see.. until they go to sleep. Then even their heads are under the covers.

Of course, we had some beautiful weather, also. I was able to walk many rounds of my little track that encircles our house. I wrote about that here. We enjoy the birds singing, the bright sunshine, and the relief from the excessive heat of summer.

Let’s see… Oh I turned 62 on the 22nd. People made a big deal of 2/22/2022, but it was basically just another birthday for me. However, Richard did get a key lime pie for my birthday cake. He said he wanted to change it up. Well, that was a surprise!

Poppa! What did you do to the postman?

Richard sent Valentine’s Day cards to each of the grandchildren. This photo of Catherine shows her card in a most unusual state. This is exactly how it arrived. Three days later than her siblings’ cards.

I sold a few more copies of This World So Fierce and have the bones of a second book just itching to write. I can’t push it aside but the cost of self-publishing is stressful.

And lastly, we celebrated Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) by staying home. We quit going to parades before my mom passed. She loved Mardi Gras, so it feels empty without her. The pandemic has not encouraged us at all. The kids do still enjoy themselves. Dusti and her family attended a parade with her in-laws. She came by for some leg coverings because it was supposed to be cold and windy. They have long coats but feet and legs can get miserably cold. This is what we came up with. They look extra thick because they are. I lined the cotton fabric with some purple fleece. An elastic along the top helped to keep them up.

Meme loves her leg-warmers!

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