Farm Fresh Christmas Trees… But for How Long?

I have a booth at Griffins Antiques where I can sell a few items. To that end, I’ve been making mostly Christmas trees: they are easy enough and fun. I especially like that I’ve been using some of the items from my stash of crafty stuff. (As opposed to sewing/quilting stuff.) It’s wonderful to have an idea for something and, voila!, everything is at my fingertips. I love that. I also love when the idea pans out. And I love sharing some of my creations.

If I can dream it up, I make it. Little, green, bottle brush trees on slices of wood, simetimes with a deer or two. Siver bottle brush trees in glass, which I call “Forest in Glass” and add lots of faux snow to.

Wooden trees that I conned Richard into cutting for me. (It’s his own fault that he has the extra work since he adamantly refuses to teach me how to use “the dangerous machines.”) Of course, all I have to do is draw a shape on a piece of scrap wood, and ta-daa, they arrive cut and sanded. All I have to do is paint, decoupage, distress, stain or whatever I can come up with.

While I was researching trees, thanks Pinterest, I found inspiration for a couple of really elegant, high-end trees. These would be beautiful on a mantel or dinner table. Though they are all on the same pedestal, the trees are different heights and diameters, so they nestle together beautifully. What do you think? Would you incorporate them into your tablescape?

It was difficult putting these into my booth. But I can’t possibly use all the items I make. I do not decorate that much! So into the booth they went, with tiny hopes that they don’t really sell. 🙂

Most of what I make and put into my booth are one-of-a-kind pieces. It’s difficult enough to make a matching set of anything, like these ornaments, so making ten or 25 of something? No way!

If a customer sees anything she likes, like a Christmas tree, she’d better snatch it up because, very likely, there won’t be another. (The moment it stops being fun, I quickly move on–probably to something like on this Pinterest board. But if you see something especially fun, come back and tell me. I love suggestions.

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