Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Crazy Quilting

This post is from a time when I was on a crazy quilt kick?  I’d look over Pinterest and other sites for ideas for the crazy quilt bolster that I was working on at the time. That bolster was never finished or maybe I gave it away, who knows after 7-8 years. But I’m back into stitching because my friends–Glen, Yvonne, Tracy, Crissi, and now Pam–are planning a retreat on which we’ll make a boro jacket. I’ll need some stitches in my repertoire of sewing skills. So a look at a few Pinterest boards, including this new one, “slow-stitching embroidery handwork needlework.”

When I was pinning the crazy quilt ideas, I’d found Crazy Quilt Passion, a blog that makes for some interesting reading,.  I love the pastels and the beading and all the extra embroidery in the photo.  Annette is a true artist and made this pink and blue piece to decorate a bag. The pins of stitch types or how-to… are some I found while searching for ideas for the boro jacket. See how things keep coming back around?

When we were younger, my sisters accused me of living in the wrong century.  I supposed they just knew me and it’s probably true that I’d have been very happy as a Victorian lady. But the Acadians were not people of wealth or fancy, so I’ll just stay here in the 21st century. Not that I’m wealthy (in a monetary sense) but I sure am living it up when it comes to anything crafty.


How lucky are we that we have access to so many forms of education? Remember when Pinterest didn’t exist? Searching was so time-consuming. And before computers?! All opportunities to learn had to come from another human or from books. The Victorians had only each other. Ahh, but what they produced! Lucky us that they did.

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