Day Star Complete and Jumps on the Longarm

Since my last post here, I’ve been trying to get myself moving again. I can’t let these middle schoolers beat me. They are just kids, afterall, and I’m a young 62. Where do they get the energy? A couple of grandkids running around is nothing in comparison to a roomful. Anyway, I started this top in June and now it’s on the longarm. Six months. Wow.

The beginning of Day Star (before the stars)

I am thoroughly enjoying quilting it. There are no circles on the quilt, so I chose to use any motif that is circular: grapes, flowers, leaves, vines. It’s coming along quite well. Half the fun is finding new quilting motifs. So I’ve been drawing, also.

I’m hopeful that by the weekend it will be off the longarm, bound and labeled. I’ll post pictures. Meanwhile this is it before the longarm.

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