Pin It Weekly #355 More on Tiered Trays

Tiered trays are all the rage right now, but what do you do when all the cute little Christmas items are put away? Of course, you can always put the tray in with the rest of the Christmas decor. But why? The empty tray could also become a year-round decor addition. To that end, you can put small collections on a tiered tray and call it done. However, you could also change the items on the tray with the seasons. Or whatever whim suits your fancy! You can start with this earlier post: Five Ways with Tiered Trays. I thought I’d expand on those whims and show you a few more from the Pinterest world.

themes: spring, birds and chickens, new growth, farmhouse

To help you think of your tiered trays in terms of whims, or themes, I thought I’d show you a few that I found on Pinterest that I especially like. If you’re looking for a particular style, Simply Adorable Creations has a lovely website with many styles. I love their work! Please note: this link is to their website, not their Pinterest page.

themes: white and neutrals, farmhouse, flowers, spring and summer
themes: beach, light blue and neutrals, shells, wording,
themes: farmhouse, birds, glassware, white, calm
themes: coffee, black/white, morning, Rae Dunn
themes: bees, mornings, home, yellow/black, farmhouse, Rae Dunn
themes: gray/pink, antiques, spring, French country, farmhouse,
themes: gray/pink, antiques, spring, French country, farmhouse,
themes: gardening, spring/summer, neutrals and white, unusual “tray” ideas
themes: yellow/white, lemons, sunshine, happy, summer
themes: birds and birdhouses, spring/summer, white/neutrals, Rae Dunn, small plants

I hope these ideas help you with inspiration for your own decorating. Which is your favorite?

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