EarthLink Internet to the Rescue!

For months now, I have a routine for writing. It works but not well. I pack up everything I need–phone, computer, mouse, plugs, extension cord, to name most of it–and go someplace to get on the internet. Oh, the places I’d go to find internet.

In the driveway of a sugarcane field. The cane is still short. This place already feels creepy. Especially in the dark, so I’m especially happy not to find myself here.
On a gravel road beside Bayou Rouge. I leave the windows up so the mosquitoes don’t attack.
The public library in Bunkie. Almost perfect for a home-away-from-home. Except the internet is not secure, nor is this place home. The awning in the library driveway is another place. Once, I even plugged into the outside outlet when the place was closed. Thank goodness I remembered the extension cord. Can you imagine me sweating in the shade with an extension cord hanging out of my car window? Yeah, that happened.
Church driveways in Cottonport and Bunkie. Waiting for school to end to pick up a grandie. This is parking on the side of St. Mary’s. See that parent pick-up line?

Yes, trying to keep up with the world has been a struggle. To say the least. But. (Gotta love a but when there’s a struggle). But today I am sitting in my chair in my living room with my currently favorite quilt on my lap and my favorite drink at my side. Wait, and I have internet! My own (not stolen) private, secure, working internet. Yes, I am a little excited. And it’s fast, though wired in. (I can’t figure out why wireless internet requires a wire, but I ain’t complaining!)

However, it costs a small fortune every month. I convinced Richard that I am safer at home than out in a field somewhere. Or, as we say in Louisiana, in the middle of nowhere. He must have gotten tired of my whining, complaining, fussing, baggering–you get the idea. Between us, it’s taken about a week of working to get to this point, which is normal in 90% of households in the U.S. (That’s my statistic, and no science or math was used to calculate it. I just figured we were somewhere in the bottom 10% because that’s where rural people–in deep nowheres–live, for the most part. Solitude has its costs.

(Now to figure out the wireless thing. But that’s another post. If I figure it out!)

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