Did WordPress die? Can I Kill WordPress?

It seems that I write apologies for not writing on a regular schedule. Well, this time, I’m not apologizing. This time, it’s all on WordPress. I tried, many times, to log onto the WordPress dashboard last week. Nothing happening. Occasionally I got some kind of “can’t access this site” page, but that’s about it.

You know, that page with NOTHING. You wait, and wait,

and wait.

When that happens, I tend to open something else and forget all about the WordPress (or whatever) problem. I’m a squirrel-chaser, for sure. In fact, a friend told me–very recently–that I also chase rabbits and birds and racoons. Richard says I’m ADADADD. Perhaps so.

I’ll admit that I have several pots cooking: selling my book, the Griffin’s booth, blogging, working Father Shoury’s book, trying to get rid of the excess in this overcrowded house, sewing, gardening, making little projects to add to the booth, and quilting (of course).

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a few things and I haven’t even mentioned husband, kids and grands, the house, extended family, friends. Not necessarily in that order. So much depends on which squirrel crosses my path.

So enough of the whining. I choose most of those things. I just don’t know quite how I got into them all. WordPress is mostly an annoyance and trying to fix problems is a rabbit hole that requires hours.

Here’s why: I have to figure out the problem and what the gobbley-gook means. THEN, I can begin the long stretch of following directions. I promise I WILL make at least one error that will require starting all over. And I promise that the error will bedevil me for at least 30 minutes. BOOM!

Half a day just got sucked into ONE post. It’s exhausting and infuriating.Sometimes I compensate by looking a pretty pictures on Pinterest. Because Pinterest, my friends, never causes a problem or a headache. Squirrels and birds and rabbits and raccoons, well of course!

I hope you’re having a better this week than my last week.

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