5 Ideas to Be a Creative

In my last post (here) I mentioned that one of the things I’ve that I’ve been busy with is drawing. I use just plain copy paper and a pencil. Usually a dull pencil, at that. But I enjoy it very much and find that it a relaxing, creative enjoyment. So I’d like to share some of the drawings I’ve been working on.

I consider myself a creative person. Sometimes I’m an artist. Sometimes I’m a learner. Sometimes I can’t describe it myself. I do lots of things to encourage myself and thought maybe you would like to think about one or two for your own creative endeavors. Five things that help me be a creative:

5. Put the phone down. I love Pinterest, more than I should. I enjoy reading blogs and articles. Videos. Movies. Games. Whatever I can find on my phone. Almost. But all of those things are not calming. Electronics keep the brain in a frantic state. When I want to calm down, I lose the phone. Quiet.

4. Keep both hands busy. When I have down time, I have a favorite chair, like most people, but I’ve turned mine into a nest, of sorts. Somewhere in the “mess” (Richard’s term) are most of the things I need when I want to sit. Resting is sometimes difficult for me. Being still is impossible, but I’ve found that if I can keep my hands busy at a slower pace, my mind slows to the same pace. If I’m doing something calming, especially if it will have no effect on anyone, my whole self can slow down and be calm.

3. Have a variety of ways to keep busy. In my nest you’ll find drawing materials, small sewing projects, coloring materials, and a bit of scraps to embroider on. Each of these is “organized” into bags, boxes, and baskets. And, sure they are piled one on another (really, it is a mess) but they are readily available, which increases the likelyhood that I will pick something up.

2. Try new ideas. There are so many new things out there. Pinterest and the internet bring them to us in a flash. Occassionally, I pause to look at and analyze something interesting. If it’s not terribly complicated or just looks like something I might want to do, I start gathering the materials for another box. Sure, some attempts have gone sideways, but I am certain I’ve learned something from everyone. That alone, makes it worth trying.

1. Change things around. By this I mean that I may work on something for a couple of weeks. Maybe only a day or two. Regardless, when I finish a project I move on to a different type of activity. This helps me to avoid becoming bored. Not that I let myself worry if I decide suddenly, in the middle of a project, to jump to something different. UFOs don’t scare me now. (Although they did eons ago.) I occasionally put a UFO aside, work on a different project, then return to the unfinished project.

If you’ve made it this far, here’s a freebie: I also write. Often. Whatever comes to mind. In whatever manner or means. Sometimes it’s pencil and paper. Sometimes it’s this blog. Sometimes it’s in my head. What matters is that I do it. Often.

I hope these ideas for ways to be a creative person help you. Let me know in the comments if you already practice any of these or if you’re willing to try any.

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