CQG February Meeting

The Cotton Quilters are going strong! We have a new president, who is very laid-back. But we’re getting things done, because she’s game for almost anything someone suggests. How much fun is that? “Our fearless leader” lets us lead!

Case in point: we had a sew-day, lunch, and meeting all in one day. And she cooked the chili! She a doll, really! Take a look at all the things–quilty and crafty–that people shared at the end of the meeting.

I didn’t post anything about last month’s meeting. (I look for the photos. I know I took some.) Nevertheless, here’s a link to our December meeting.

We had two of these. Irma and Sheila bought kits together and sewed them up together.
Poppins bag–I want to make one of these!
How sweet is this little pincushion? Notice how large the quilt pins are in relation to the machine.

Aren’t we impressive? I say “we” but none of these are mine. I show you some of my work in other posts, so there’s no reason to brag here, right?

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