Wildflowers for the Girl Who Was the Wrong One

Richard planted wildflowers in a section of our yard. They are blooming like crazy! I go out and appreciate their delightful little faces. It’s been difficult, however, since I started with a cough over two weeks ago, and it’s kicking my rear end. This cough will not quit. It’s knocked me down, so getting out of bed drains all my energy. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite wildflowers.
About two weeks ago Richard’s mom suffered a debilitating stroke. She was in the hospital until just a few days ago when the doctors stabilized her enough to move her to a local nursing home. She is not well, despite this beautiful smile. We have had to suspend her chemo and she is now on hospice care. I get that smile every time I go to visit.
We weren’t always so close. I was not the girl they wanted for their son. Eventually, their feelings changed, especially when I refused to use my little boys to hurt the in-laws. Not that the thought didn’t cross my mind. But the idea of it felt sinful.
I was close to my grandmother and loved her dearly. Ma-ma didn’t have to say much to help me see the “evil” in considering denying my children such special love. Spite is not a good look. Dear God, Ma-ma taught so much. As did my mother-in-law, once I began making better choices. Like so many other things, I understood her feelings as I grew up and experienced them myself.
Ma-ma loved “bachelor buttons” or zinnias. I was thrilled to see some in a great variety of colors in the wildflowers.
I try to go see the wildflowers and walk around in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s part of my self-therapy. It hasn’t helped, yet, but I’m hopeful and enjoy the strolls.
My gardenia is blooming in the most wonderful scents that waft through the patio area with every breeze.
I’ll close by saying I’m glad my mother-in-law and I worked out our pettiness of years ago. She has enriched my life and gave my sons great joy. I pray I’ve enriched hers.
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