Computers, CQG, and Grandchildren Engulf Me

Word Press and Wifi

Did you miss me? It’s been a whole week since my post on revamping the website. Getting anything out is a huge struggle. Word Press has been the bane of my life for the last week or so. Between WP and wifi I am close to done. Most of my WP plugins are set to update automatically, but that means that they can suddenly mess up something that is not compatible with the new version. Figuring it all out is the biggest deal for me. (Here’s the website I use for choosing plugins.)

I’m sure there’s a faster, easier way, but I haven’t found it. So days– yes, DAYS!–of work. Boring, meticulous work. For a while I considered just shutting it all down. But, let’s face it, I like my website and blog, so I muddle through until something gives. (Hopefully, I’m not the something, right?) On to other, brighter, happenings.

CQG Opportunity (Raffle) Quilt

Cotton Quilters Business

Monday the Cotton Quilters’ Guild had a sew day and meeting. Since our show is coming up in September, instead of sewing, I chose to help Maggie with paperwork instead of sewing. I kept a copy of all the files I created when I was president, so everything is on my computer. Thank goodness, because it means not recreating anything! Update and print. Boom! Done!

Maggie and I worked on the show flyer, taking a picture of this year’s opportunity quilt, and updating the information. That really wasn’t so bad. It’s always easier when the decisions are pre-made. Maggie, our president, is easy to work with and happily goes with whatever the group says. Working with her is a pleasure.


Then I came home to these beauties! The mail carrier had just dropped them off. I couldn’t take it, I opened the box and took a couple of pictures to send to Maggie. I remember only too well the feeling of checking all these little things off the very long “To Do List.”

My own To Do List is pretty long, also. I have several uniforms that need altering waiting on the worktable. They are all for the grandkids and all need big adjustments, so I imagine it will take a few minutes. But hey! It’s sewing, so it’s okay. I hope you’re having a wonderful rest of the week. I’m working on getting a Pinterest post out, either Pin It Weekly or Sunday Quilt Inspiration. See you then!

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