And something I don’t love

I told you in this post that I decided to work on a second quilt for the block of the month. After choosing my fabrics, and showing the scrambles at my guild meeting, I finished up enough pieces to put them on the design wall. This could be (another) autumn-themed quilt. Something I don’t need, want, or like
I toyed with the idea of adding lots of this creamy white. Which I liked but didn’t think would work as I needed.
So I did some more thinking. The “aha” moment wasn’t quick in coming. I had to play with color for a while. Putting one color as a time on the board with the autumn pieces. Finally, I did this.
And it wasn’t so bad. So I pulled scraps out and scattered them around to get a better sense of how the colors play together. And I got this below. This I could live with, especially if I added some off-white scraps to lighten it up even more and pull in the background of the focus fabric. So THIS is the new plan.
I got busy with it relatively quickly and managed to rework lots of pieces. Mindless sewing. Just make it look like it was there all along. Of course, working is always on a roller-coaster ride. After just a few hours, I had grandees show up. One to do her sewing (which means I have to work with her.) Another to hang out with us. Another to join the babysitting club.
We are under some kind of arctic blast. Temps in the teens. That is highly unusual for Louisiana, so we’re struggling. We’ll be fine, though. It’s only for another few days. On Thursday I’ll be at a workshop with Cindy Grisdela (I hope the weather cooperates). I’m looking forward to learning more about curves.
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