Around the House in Winter

Some of the scenes from around our house. I sometimes take my phone with me on my afternoon walks. On some of those days, I remember to take photos. Right now, we are getting a miserable rain. Which we are grateful for as there’s been a burn band for the state. So we desperately need rain. But we’ve had beautiful sunshine for days, and this is a reality check, indeed.

We have probably 12 or so Cardinals eating at the feeders. This one must have wanted a peak into the window.
Entertaining grandies sometimes brings out the inner artiste! This rain will wash off the chalk for certain. If only it would clean the concrete.
Geese in a crawfish field not far from our house. We had to stop and listen. They were not phased by our truck, so I took pictures and recorded them.
Not only do we not clean the concrete often enough, we don’t rake leaves. Ever. This is my “forest” and I want it to look natural.
Hibiscus in winter! There are several things just growing like they are in a Louisiana greenhouse. Oh wait, they are!
Can you see them? Hint, they are at the base of the tree and look like shadows of leaves. We don’t know what kind of birds they are, but they are preciously cute and tiny.

Until next time, have a great week with happier weather than mine.

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