Pin It Weekly #344 — love for loyal followers

Some followers have been hanging out with me for, well, let’s just say a long time. I always appreciate followers, so I want to go back down the list (how far back is a mystery) and say thanks with a shoutout to them. Pam Jones has a board titled “Coastal Living” that I think you’ll really enjoy. There are many quilts but also a few other ideas. Here’s just a sprinkling.

Maria Laura Zorrila has an interesting board, called “moldes” that translates to “molds.” Here’s what you might find. Can you guess what else it can mean? 🙂

Elena Crocitto has a camper board with great ideas that I might be able to use in our camper.

The last of our followers is Judy Godfrey, who has an adorable board with cute baby ideas for sewing. My favorite rabbit hole!

a soft book with clothing fastners so kids can learn how to fasten their own

Do you have a favorite rabbit hole? Also, have you seen the latest post on my new studio?

Thanks for visiting!

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