Retreat to the River, sort of…

I am quite far behind on posts, but since this blog is a diary of sorts as well as a way to connect with you, I’m going to at least note it with photos. I’ll start by saying I did not actually go down to the river–we were busy sewing and laughing and eating. A perfect retreat, wouldn’t you agree?

There were only five of us, so I got a room to myself. In fact, most of us did. That was a good thing for Glen since she and I generally share a room. I snore. And worse, I talk in my sleep. Apparently it’s mostly nonsense and laughing, but imagine trying to sleep while that is going on in the bed next to yours. Richard doesn’t complain about it, but he makes his own share of noises.

Glen worked on an Advent calendar bags which will go on a tree or limb. Each bag will have a date on it and a gift in it. Just like the Advent calendars that hang on the wall, except that these can hold a variety of items, big and small. That’s because the bags vary in shape and size.

We couldn’t wait for show and share, so we decided on a sneak peek. Tracy had started this quilt at the last retreat in July and brought it to show us. Oh wow! That’s the front on the left and the back on the right. Yeah, I agree… WOW!

I still can’t believe this: Crissy sat down at her machine on Thursday facing 2½ strips and some small black sashing. Her machine whirred away and she went home with this beauty! She insisted it wasn’t so bad. According to Crissy having friends beside her working on their own projects kept her going and the task wasn’t so boring as I was certain it would be. “Just look at the beautiful fabrics, though. They make me want to play with them and handle them,” she said in her soft, patient voice.

Yvonne started this top at the Sherry Lynn Wood class we took last December. She worked on it at the July retreat and completed it at this retreat. See that smile? That’s the smile of accomplishment.

Jo (above) and Joni (below) joined us for dinner and fun on Saturday evening. They are a mother/daughter team who are prolific quilters. Their quilts are always stunning. I don’t know how they do it, but here’s the proof.

Part of the fun included door prizes.

And then it was time for me to pack up and say goodbye. Richard and I had plans for Sunday, so though I could have stayed…

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