How Many Floating Dots Do I Need?

The April blocks are finished, I hope. Floating dots are stretched across the design wall.
Floating dots for the pink quilt, I have a total of 20 dots
for the pink quilt.
But are there enough for each quilt? Hmm, maybe. The good news is that they sew up faster as you make them. Plus, I think I have figured out a more efficient way to sew them. I’ll play with that this afternoon when I get home from driving my mother-in-law to today’s PET Scan. UPDATE: that playing didn’t happen.
Floating dots for the (mostly) yellow quilt
I want the dots to have that three-dimensional sense of floating once I quilt the background with a dense motif. Match sticks would likely work well, if I remember to use that motif that when I’m quilting.
More of the green/yellow dots, but in different hues.
I have a total of 32, so I think I’ll stop here.
It took a little extra time to make the dots uneven in the rows but look at the outcome. Hopefully, they will look as though they were randomly sprinkled onto the quilt.
Have you noticed that I didn’t make many of the pink on-point dots in the picture below? They might look good, but it turns out making four is my limit. :0
Every row is a different width. I can’t decide how wide I want the quilt to be.
I’ll be forced to decide soon since I’m planning to use the extra pieces in future blocks.
I also made the mistake of spreading the blocks out, and I’ve even sewn some rows for the pink quilt. Why was that a mistake? Because now I want to sew all of them! But that will lead to arranging them, and we’re not even halfway. Waiting months for the blocks is difficult for me. Do you think you can wait till December to put your quilt together?
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1 thought on “How Many Floating Dots Do I Need?”

  1. Lilly, you have a no-reply email, so I’ll answer here in the hope that you’ll see it.
    Your dots can be any size, really. I like a variety of block sizes for my rows, so 1″ dots works well, for me.
    If 2″ blocks look good and YOU like them, go with it! It’s your quilt and it’s improv and variety is the spice of life (or something like that). Just enjoy making your quilt.

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