HNY and all that…

It took me a while to figure out just what HNY means to the millennials. I default to NY as New York. Anyway, as I read through some of the goofey comments on social media, I determined it acutally means Happy New Year! It’s a little early, but HNY to everyone!

I’m getting excited for the BoM to begin. It seems that I’ve been planning this for a long time. I have been working on the blocks since I chose a focus fabric and the colors: pink, green and red. Since I began with only a little focus, I’m being stingy with it. Definitely, I’ll use it all up!

Shh, a sneak peek!

Richard seems to think that it’s loud. I might agree. But I warned everyone, including myself, that this is not my run-of-the-mill, comfortable choice. Nothing I’ve added thus far has toned it down any, so I guess it will just be loud. But happy! It’s very happy!

I have one of those three shelf carts that roll around. I cleared out the top bin and put the scraps and strips in. It’s easy to move between the pressing station and the sewing machine but better is that it contains those little scraps that used to fall off my sewing table. Digging around in the small scraps is not as messy as using a flat surface.

I’ve been trying to remember to take lots of process pictures. Blocks for the first month or two are simple, so I’ve just been sewing mindlessly, which means not as many pictures as I want. To remedy that, I sew more. Not take more pictures… just sew more. But we’re going to get through it, I promise. If you can sew a somewhat straight line, you’re prepared.

I hope you’ve invited friends and guild members to join us. We’re going to have such fun! As you choose fabrics, tag your photos. #improvebom24

Till next week,

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