5 Great Ways to Miss Out on Quilting

This isn’t really a countdown so much as it is the five ridiculously wasteful ways in which I’ve missed out on quilting.

# 1 — Work full time. Yes I know, I wanted this job. And I still do! But Wow! I’d forgotten how much time teaching takes away from ordinary, after-school time. Writing tests is time-consuming, but I just can’t make myself cut corners. Part of my problem is that I want to give the kids a full-spectrum of English, especially literature and writing. I love that the kids who said on the first week, “I’ll never get a half-page of writing in this journal,” are easily writing 1/2 to 3/4ths of a page and not even complaining. It’s a pleasure watching the transformation.

#2 — Read the novels that you’ll be teaching. You don’t think that I chose novels that I’ve read before? No, no. I had to challenge myself, too. But here’s the deal, I have three classes and they are all reading different novels. Of course, that means I’m reading three different novels along with them. But I have never attempted to teach without reading and annotating my copy first. And I need to stay ahead, so one any given day I may look at four different books, teaching from three and preparing one.

#3 — Take up some bad habits. Lately I’ve been playing games on my phone. It’s a bit like eating sweets: the more I get the more I want. So a quick game quickly becomes a 30 minute rabbit hole of trying to beat myself. Then beating myself up for wasteing so much of my precious time. Hmm…

#4 — Babysit the grandies. Or just have fun with them. I mean, just look at these pictures. Who could resist? The first picture is of Ryder passed out after playing all morning. The middle one: the three pre-teens having a camp-out at our house. They built the tent themselves, of course. And finally, Meme on her first day of school. Sha bebe’, as we say in French.

#5– Play outside in the plants. This is the best time of year to be raising plants of any kind if you live in Louisiana. Deep shade, lots of water, and a little love are all they need. The sunshine does all the rest. The ivy below stretches to the top of the trellis and drapes back down to the floor. I cut lots of pieces off yesterday to take to friends at the guild meeting. The vines still drag on the floor and are sending runners and roots into the flower beds behind it. In a few months I’ll have to move it. I have no idea how.

And there you are. Five ways to waste your time when you could be sewing or quilting. I recommend that you heed my advice and avoid all of the above. Go to your sewing room right now. Turn everything on and quilt!

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