CQG Christmas Party 2021 and My Costly Faux Pas

The Cotton Quilters’ Guild had a lovely Christmas party. The food, catered from Bernard’s Catering, was delicious. Each person brought a small gift and we played “dirty Santa,” the game in which players can “steal” from someone who has a gift you’d like to have.

Christmas wishes to all

I walked away with a portable pressing mat, though I had to steal two gifts to get it. Gratefully, two people had brought mats. However, something transpired, thanks to my goofiness, that had everyone laughing until the very end.

Dirty Santa gifts (and a rogue $20)

I don’t think I’ll forget this faux pas in a long time. Here’s how it went down: I had a nice gift. Though I don’t remember what it was. I wrapped it in a fat quarter of beautiful Christmas fabric. All is good. Until Mrs. Smittie opened the gift.

One of Sheila’s quilts from 2020 served as a nice backdrop for the serving line.

There was a $20 tucked in the fabric! It was the money that I slipped into my bag to pay my dues! Oh my goodness! As soon as I saw it…

Another of Sheila’s Christmas quilt was part of the decorations.

In the end I got up and asked her if I could have it back! Yes, rude. But it all happened so fast that I didn’t really know what I was doing. At the least, I did ask her if I could have the money back. I don’t think I waited for an answer though. I’m not terribly sure. I apologized after the game was over.

Smittie is such a sport. She noted that it was worth putting in her own $20 just for the laughs that we all had.Was I embarrassed? Well, yes, but also no. Everyone knows me and just accept me for who I am. If I make some kind of goof, it’s just something funny that happened.

I’m taking just enough mental health medicine to embolden me and allow me to be authentic. It’s so freeing!No one expects anything else. I can be myself, laugh, and have a grand time. Then go home and tell Richard about my latest gaffe.

After all that silliness, we needed something different, so we had a short show and tell. Then it was time to clean and pick up grandchildren from school. Before you go, here are two links you might want to visit: our last CQG Christmas party and my Pinterest board of handmade angels.

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