Hello kiddos! Surprise!

By the time you read this, I’ll back teaching. For a year. Just one. That’s all I promised. Here’s the short version of why: three of our grandies attend school at St. Mary’s in Cottonport. Teachers are hard to find. (Really hard when the pay is so little.) So I decided to help out for a year. I’ll teach middle school English and reading. I’m expecting to enjoy every minute. Yes, every minute. I also expect to teach writing and literature. We’ll almost forget those reading and grammar workbooks. Not quite because they are part of the curriculum.

Mostly, we’ll read and analyze novels, poems, and nonfiction articles. We’ll write. Oh, we’ll write. Also, for the first time in my career I’ll be able to include Christianity and Catholic dogma as part of my teaching. We can pray! Aloud. I am still excited. Which is good since we started in mid-July!

Surely, the structure will be good for me. Another way to help manage my bipolar depression. And heaven knows, middle schoolers can provide some entertainment. Right?

Also, my principal and new coworkers all WANT a highly qualified teacher. And want ME. Not surprisingly, I taught quite a few of my coworkers and most of the parents, so they know me. I’ve gotten many welcoming hugs and Facebook notes.

Meanwhile, I’m positive and hopeful and enjoying being around young minds again. Happiness all around. As my principal says, “St. Mary’s is the best job you’ll ever find where you barely get paid.” (Or something of that nature.) He’s an easy-going fellow who loves what he does. I know. I’ve seen him at the end of parent-pickup when he’s still laughing, joking with the kids, greeting parents and grandparents through car windows. And obviously having the time of his life. Who wouldn’t want to work in that environment?!

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