Show and Share From Cotton Quilters’ Guild

I have pictures from our last meeting’s show and share. I am about as reliable as a three-year-old. Between brain fog and quilting, there’s little that I can be counted for. I have several alarms to remind me to pick up grandies. Even so, resetting those alarms when things change can be a lost cause. Which happens much too often.

Which means, this post is late. Really late. “Oh well.” That’s my standard answer when I’ve forgotten something, like housework.

When it’s the kiddos, my reaction is closer to “Oh crap. Again?” Like I really can’t believe I could do such a thing! In French we would say, Va d’on in response to that statement. It vaguely means oh, go on or as if!

Our second granddaughter is getting married tomorrow, so I’ve been keeping a little busy with sewing for that. The girls have come by with dresses and shoes to ensure everything fits just right. They ordered the dresses long ago, but finally, on Tuesday two packages arrived in the mail.
One is a perfect fit. We didn’t have to hem it! Dusti was quite surprised at that. She’s short and almost always needs me to take the hem up. It’s a great fit. This dress was made for her. Plus, she can wear it again because it doesn’t look like a bridesmaid’s dress. She loves to attend Mardi Gras balls, so just a little purple and gold will transform the dress.
Jolie, however, who is wearing three-inch heels, still needed about one-and-a-half inches taken up. I worked on it last night and will finish today. She cannot attend the rehearsal supper, so her mom will pick it up tonight. Jolie has one of those svelt figures that looks good in just about any dress, but this is stunning. The hand-stitching is tedious but well worth the time.

No show and share of the girls and their dresses, but enjoy the rest of the pics from the CQG!

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