Cotton Quilters’ Guild June Meeting and Daddy

I am far behind on my blogging. It’s already the 23rd, and I’m just getting to the CQG meeting from the 7th! But first, Father’s Day just happened. So meet my dad, Riley. This is a photo from, oh, 10-15 years before his death. It’s one of my favorites, because it’s true to his personality. He loved his tractor, which first belonged to mom’s dad. Mom and dad were truck farmers, growing vegetables to sell at farmer’s markets.

She was a lively personality. He was one of those quiet men (with strong opinions) who just fed people and lived a simple life with mom. My folks were “the salt of the earth.” While I appreciated it before they died, I truly understand now that they are gone.

Now, on to the CQG June meeting! Like last month, we had a sew morning, lunch, then our meeting. It seems to work well. This month, 11 people showed up early and did some kind of sewing. I cut fabric for future projects.

First up, I love these pin cushions, especially this large cupcake!

A work in progress, though I don’t remember who the blocks are for.
Maggie has a small table topper.
Josie’s hand-quilted pink quilt.
Cleo’s gorgeous hand-applique!
My small quilt (more about it in another post)
Sheila and Irma are keeping up with their BOMs.

This last quilt, from either Sheila or Irma, is an example of what we will make for the guild raffle quilt. Everyone loved it when we saw it as a top, so Irma and Sheila ran with the idea.

Indeed, they showed up at the meeting with blocks cut and ready to sew. So everyone who wanted to participate could take their blocks home and sew them up. Surprise, I have four and they’re complete!

Finally, to read more about our group, visit (and Like) our Facebook page, here.

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