Christmas 2021 Fare Thee Well

Mr. and Mrs. Santa, as Milly calls them, set a backdrop for a few of my small Christmas decor pieces.
I’m hoping that your family is well and ready to ring in the new year. We have several sick ones–a positive for Covid, a couple of ear infections, and a stomach bug making its rounds–but we’re all here! We spent Christmas with the kids, grandchildren and great-grandies. Some came and went; others ate lunch and stayed for supper; and one or two I barely saw. Of course, those one or two are the teenagers. I don’t expect them to hang out with the old folks.
More of my tablescape, though I can see that little fingers moved a few things, as I expected! Because it’s all handmade, everything can be replaced.
And hang out we did. The weather was picnic perfect! So, we made good use of it and ate Christmas lunch alfresco on the patio. Or, as we say in French, “en plein air.” It was a strange Christmas anyway. After the turkey disaster at Thanksgiving, we decided that we wouldn’t trust another turkey for Christmas. We bought a beef brisket and made a stew! Richard also boiled a picnic ham (how perfect, right?) and we enjoyed all the sides we never have. It was stress-free because what’s to stress about when the expectations are turned upside-down?
Instead of a tiered tray, I decided to open this antique unabridged dictionary (to the page with noel) and use it. My sister, Sid, gave it to me years ago. It’s one of my all-time favorite gifts.
We piled on chairs, benches, crates, whatever and opened gifts outside and laughed and created memories that the kids will (hopefully) remember for a long while. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates next Christmas, because my house stayed clean. I told you…. strange!
Richard and I decided it’s time to get a grown-up nativity set, so this is our gifts to each other.
The Wise Men and their camels are crowded into a little corner, but they are here, paying homage as should we all. Merry Christmas
After the nativity arrived, Richard was so impressed that he quickly built a stable. I worried that it would be too big, but no, he has an eye for these things. He also promised to rework it so that it won’t be quite so crowded. My question is where will we put anything bigger?!
But we have a full year to solve that issue. For now, I’ll enjoy the season, and it has been perfect in its own strange way. How was your Christmas? Leave links in your comments so I can come by and say hello!
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