Christmas Crafting and Now Three

The Christmas crafting continues! I’m having a great time making all sorts of little crafts, both for our tree and for my booth at Griffins. We just had a Christmas openhouse and there was a great turn out. I signed a few books and sold a couple of the bead ornaments.

Little blocks that I covered in Christmas hymns and then finished off with greenery, berries, etc. from my stash.

Richard and I love, love, love our grandchildren. Babysitting one for two or three days a week makes for a busy but happy day. Babysitting has become a whole different world for us. Now, before hearing my sob story, know that I agreed to the new arrangements and am thrilled to have this time with our little ones. Plus, Dusti loves her new position at the bank.

Six ornaments from one session of Christmas crafting

But I do have a sob story: we are now the happy owners of three child pickup details. Richard drops Meme off in Bunkie in the morning. In the afternoon, I pick Marley up in Cottonport, deliver her home, then pick up Meme. Thank goodness, there are only 10-12 miles between the two schools.

And then there’s the internet business. Actually, there’s NO internet business of any kind. I’ve (finally) resolved the problems with the website security. However, to publish this post, I went to Cottonport extra early, and sat in the pick-up line to work on the computer.

The Evergreen bandwidth must be diverted to Cottonport, because it’s lightning fast there and nonexistent here. Since I haven’t posted anything since the Christmas tree post here, I thought I’d share my “diy craft make” board again. And now, for me, it’s back to the Christmas crafting. Thanks for visiting!

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