Succulent Love in Tropical Louisiana

Succulent garden 2020

Do you remember last year’s attempt at building a succulent garden? By fall, everything was looking great. Then winter came. We moved the huge succulent pot because a freezing storm was on its way. Oh, the horror! The pot had a small crack, which became a big crack and, by the time we set it down, we had three pieces of pot. I was disappointed but not surprised.

Still, maybe we could save the succulents. However, the storm took out the greenhouse. Guess what happened to the plants, including the succulent garden(s) inside. Well, it wasn’t as bad as we expected. Some are true survivors.

Knowing how disappointed I was last winter, Richard bought a new, hollowed-out log pot that is really plastic, not wood. It is absolutely not something I’d ever choose for myself. Nevertheless, it was a Mother’s Day gift and he was terribly proud, so it’s my new succulent garden.

I searched out all the survivors from last year and scattered them in the log. Last summer, Will and Stacey got cuttings and pieces from me, so he returned the favor and gave me a few pots of cuttings. Later, we went to Lowe’s and I picked up a few strange-looking little babies to add some variety.

These pots are on or near the patio in our back yard. Several are plants were dormant (though they looked very dead) and survived the storm. Yay! They came back in late spring, are doing well and growing in this Louisiana steam. Yes, steam. Temps are reaching the high 90s but every day sees a heat index of 100+. While it’s extra-hard on humans, it’s perfect for almost any plant.

Here are a few more of my happy plants.

Lots of succulents from my sister, Laura.
This airplane plane has numerous “babies” waiting for their shot at a pot.
I was cleaning this pot for reuse and discovered a plant base with few roots that looked healthy. I’m really glad I decided to give it a chance.

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